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  • the wild card is the star (*) and the % for many characters;
  • the wild card is the underscore (_) for one character;
  • accents are optional and case is not sensitive (pepin will find Pépin and Pépin will find pepin);
  • words can be truncated.  gen or gén will find généalogie and general;
  • since the catalogue can use Saints and Sts, use s*t* (or nothing) if Saint is looked for.  Anyway, Julie will find Ste-Julie, Ste-Julienne, Sainte-Julie, etc.

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For English Speaking customers

A short description is given after the French title. (text book) indicates the book is a text, not a listing like most Genealogy books. The place is not repeated but the type of records is indicated.

Some terms to help you:

French English
Baptêmes Birth records or baptisms
Mariages Marriage records
Sépultures Burials
Nécrologe Book of burials

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