You are looking for genealogy books ?  Here is the bookstore of the Drouin Genealogical Institute !

This is the only place in the Internet where you may find our collections like: Our Family Patrimony and Our National Patrimony.  They are books for individuals and organisms and include for instances genealogies published by the Drouin Genealogical Institute years ago when the Institute was producing a large number of family genealogies, or books published from vital records microfilms (the microfilms are also for sale).  There are also titles from Diffusion généalogique Pepin.

And we have more for you !  As a genealogist, are you looking for marriages repertoires published by genealogical societies ?  We offer you a large number of books in that category.  And they are brand new books from the original publishers.

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A short description is given after the French title. (text book) indicates the book is a text, not a listing like most Genealogy books. The place is not repeated but the type of records is indicated.

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Baptêmes Birth records or baptisms
Mariages Marriage records
Sépultures Burials
Nécrologe Book of burials

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